Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BREAKING CO01 PASSES [adding transgender to canons] -- Live from the Morning Session of the HOD

A deputy has moved to bring D025 to the floor of the HOD rather than sent back to committee for further work.

It is slated to come up the first of the afternoon session in the HOD.

Another deputy wants to know when we might have the results of the vote -- taken late yesterday -- on the Transgender legislation that was a vote by orders.

Right now, they are working through votes for various offices.


Lay Order
82 yes votes
21 no votes
6 deputations divided

C061 carries by 75% in the lay order

Clergy Order
72 yes votes
28 no votes
9 deputation divided
C061 carries by 66% in the clergy order

Alabama -- lay no, clergy divided
Alaska -- clergy divided
Albany -- clergy no, lay no
Arkansas -- clergy divided
Central Florida -- lay no, clergy no
Central Gulf Coast -- no divided
Dallas -- clergy no, lay no
Florida -- no
Fond Du Lac -- clergy no, lay no
Fort Worth -- clergy no
Georga -- lay no
Haiti -- lay no, clergy no
Hawaii -- clergy divided
Honduras -- lay no, clergy no
Louisiana -- lay no, clergy no
Mississippi -- clergy divided
North Dakota -- clergy no
Northern Indiana -- lay yes, clergy no
Northwestern Pennsylvania -- clergy no
Oklahoma -- clergy no
Pittsburgh -- lay divided, clergy no
Quincy -- clergy no
Dominican Republic -- lay no, clergy no
Rio Grande -- lay no, clergy no
South Carolina -- lay no, clergy no
South Dakota -- lay no
Southern Virginia -- clergy no
SW Florida -- clergy no
Springfield -- lay no, clergy no
Taiwan -- lay no, clergy no
Tennessee -- lay no, clergy no
Texas -- lay divided, clergy no
Upper South Carolina -- lay no, clergy no
Virgin Islands -- lay divided, clergy no
Virginia -- lay no
West Tennessee -- clergy divided
West Texas -- lay divided, clergy no
Western Kansas -- lay divided, clergy no
Western Louisiana -- lay no, clergy no
Western Massachusetts -- clergy divided
Navajo -- lay divided, clergy divided


Currently debating an amendment to A098 which passed the HOB without debate.

Deputy Swan -- points out that some of the people being added who were enemies of the church and denounced Christianity.

Deputy: Wants to change the definition of sainthood and expanding it

Deputy Mendina -- opposes amendment

Wyoming -- moves question on amendment and motion

Motion passes.

A deputy protests that this is an important question to discuss.

Amendment fails.

Voting on main motion proceeding.

A098 has passed.

We are now debating A095 on the Liturgical Calendar Commemorations.

Ashley, Massachusetts -- offer an amendment

Moving through A096 -- additional commemorations:

Resolution passes.

Now introducing ecumenical visitors and interfaith visitors -- I took down the churches they represented to the best of my ability.
United Methodists, California
National Council of Churches
Moravian College
World Council of Churches
International Council of Community Churches
Armenian Church in America
African Methodist Episcopal
Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Christian Church, Disciples of Christ
United Church of Christ
Archdiocese of Los Angeles [RC]
Philippine Independent Church

American Jewish Committee
Board of Rabbis, Southern California
Council for Parliament of Liberal Religions


  1. Will all of this be a ramp up for changes to the BCP?

  2. Is this the one where I can put my nickname in the Red Book. From now on please address me as "Tarka the Wonderhorse".

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